About our Natural Resources Mailing Lists

  • BIODIVERSITY-L / FORESTS-L / LAND-L / WATER-L are community announcement list for policy makers and practitioners. These free knowledge-sharing tools are managed and moderated by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) Reporting Services. These mailing lists are peer-to-peer services meant to advance understanding of issues related to natural resources by allowing subscribers to post announcements related to activities with a strong focus on natural resource policy. They offer users a tool to better publicize and coordinate their efforts through virtual knowledge exchange.

  • Postings include biodiversity, forests, land and water policy news, announcements of workshops/conferences, job listings and information on new publications and online resources. Postings also include the Natural Resources Update, a compilation of items recently posted to the Natural Resources Policy & Practice knowledgebase, which was also developed by IISD.

      The listserve is moderated by IISD, and only announcements that satisfy the following guidelines will be distributed to subscribers:
    1. All postings should be announcements appropriate for an international audience that have a connection to natural resource policy and/or practice, such as new publications, best practices or research results, announcements or outcomes of meetings or sessions/side events, and relevant job vacancies, publications and online resources;
    2. No press releases or postings that are commercial in nature, personal statements, news stories, polemic statements or postings intended to create discussion will be cleared for distribution to the list;
    3. Postings should include the internet address for large documents (URLs) rather than including attached files. If possible, do not send file attachments. If you must attach a file, small PDF files under 200 kb are always recommended. Any message larger than 500kb is rejected by our software.
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