Second Meeting of the CBD Expert Group on Biodiversity for Poverty Eradication and Development

The Expert Group is expected to restructure and streamline the Dehradun Recommendations and provide guidance towards a conceptual framework and roadmap for the integration of biodiversity into poverty eradication and development in the context of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and its Aichi targets. The meeting's outcome will be considered by the fifth meeting of the CBD Working Group on Review of Implementation.  

dates: 4-6 December 2013   location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India   contact: CBD Secretariat   phone: +1 514 288 2220   fax: +1 514 288 6588   e-mail: secretariat@cbd.int   www: http://www.cbd.int/doc/notifications/2013/ntf-2013-075-bfd-en.pdf