ASCOBANS Working Group Reviews Recovery Plan for Harbour Porpoises

6 February 2012: The 8th meeting of the Jastarnia Group, under the Agreement on the Conservation of Small Ceteaceans of the Baltic, North East Atlantic and North Seas (ASCOBANS), assessed progress made with respect to the various recommendations of the Recovery Plan for Baltic Harbour Porpoises (Jastarnia Plan). The 18 participants in the Group - which was established to review and advance the Justarnia Plan - agreed on action points to be forwarded to the 19th meeting of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee.

The Group gathered in Bonn, Germany, from 31 January-2 February 2012. Participants discussed bycatch reduction, research and monitoring priorities, the development of management plans for marine protected areas and public awareness. They also reviewed a draft Conservation Plan for Harbour Porpoises in the Western Baltic, Belt Seas and Kattegat, which will be proposed to the 19th meeting of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee for endorsement at its meeting on 20-22 March 2012, in Galway, Ireland. The Conservation Plan also will be proposed for adoption by the Seventh Meeting of the Parties (MOP 7) in October 2012, in the UK. [ASCOBANS News] [Justarnia Plan]