Bioversity International Annual Report Documents Successes in Conservation of Agricultural and Forest Biodiversity

Bioversity International8 July 2013: Bioversity International has released its 2012 Annual Report, which describes key research and project outcomes carried out by the organization related to the conservation of biodiversity, increased understanding of climate change impacts on agriculture, and opportunities for sustainable agricultural production.

The report highlights achievements related to sequencing the banana genome, a Global Timber Tracking Network to curb illegal logging, the launch of a new Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition project, and the publication of a Global Strategy for the Conservation and Use of Cacao. The annual report documents the benefits of on-farm conservation initiatives, as well as recent efforts to track best practices and success of on-farm efforts for both livelihood and conservation outcomes. It profiles the Seeds for Needs project, which seeks to strengthen seed systems in the face of climate change through participatory crop trials. It also describes the close down of the eight-year Western Terai Landscape Complex Project, which mainstreams agricultural biodiversity management at a landscape scale.

On partnerships, the report outlines the range of research programmes that Bioversity International participates in with other members of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), as well as the series of events that Bioversity hosted during 2012. Bioversity International is a member of the CGIAR. [Publication: Bioversity International 2012 Annual Report]