Bioversity International Releases Manual on Dietary Diversity Projects

January 2012: In a recently issued manual on "Improving nutrition with agricultural biodiversity," Bioversity International outlines approaches to implement field projects that assess and improve dietary diversity, as well as nutrition and health outcomes.

The manual describes how to plan and implement a nutritional agrobiodiversity project, and provides a tools and techniques appendix. The framework presents steps for: planning and preparation of research; developing the macro-perspective; assessing food security and nutritional status at the household level; data analysis and baseline study report; intervention design; intervention roll-out and assessment; and final evaluation.

On tools and techniques, the manual describes: sampling techniques; interview skills; agroecology and farming system assessment maps; ethno foods; agroecology questionnaire and data collection techniques; food composition charts; household survey questionnaire; anthropometric measurements; examples of growth standard field charts; and examples of focused intervention strategies.

Bioversity International is a member of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). [Publication: Improving Nutrition with Agricultural Biodiversity]