Brazil Ratifies ITTA, 2006

Itto21 October 2013: The International Tropical Timber Organization has announced Brazil's ratification of the International Tropical Timber Agreement, 2006 (ITTA, 2006) on 18 October 2013.

Brazil is the 66th Party to ITTA, 2006 and is the world's largest tropical forest country by area. Brazil also contains more mangroves than any other country and, although timber production has declined in years, Brazil produced an estimated 247 million cubic meters of logs each year during the period of 2005 to 2008.

The objective of the ITTA, 2006 is to promote international trade in sustainably sourced tropical timber and support sustainable forest management (SFM) in tropical timber producing forests. ITTA, 2006 entered into force on 7 December 2011, superseding ITTA, 1994. [ITTO Press Release][ITTA, 2006]