CBD Circulates Logo, Booklet and Messaging for International Day for Biological Diversity

International-day-for-biological-diversity-201317 May 2013: In preparation for the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB), to be celebrated on 22 May 2013, with celebrations around the globe focusing on the theme 'Water and Biodiversity,' the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has circulated the IDB's logo, booklet and messages, all of which are available for use by parties in their celebrations.

The theme 'Water and Biodiversity' was chosen to coincide with the UN designation of 2013 as the International Year of Water Cooperation. Key messages include, among others: water is life and underpins human well-being, food security, drinking water, sanitation, and most economic activities, as well as ecosystem health and therefore biodiversity; ecosystems regulate the availability of water, and its quality; ecosystem degradation increases water insecurity; ecosystem conservation and restoration help achieve water security; biodiversity underpins these benefits and is therefore one of the most visible and important contributors to human well-being and sustainable development; and ecosystems and natural water infrastructure can serve the same purpose as man-made infrastructure, such as dams and water treatment plants. Natural and man-made water infrastructure can be managed together to achieve sustainable outcomes, increased efficiency, reduced costs and to deliver significant co-benefits.

Titled 'Natural Solutions for Water Security,' the IDB 2013 booklet sees the water-biodiversity interface not as one of conflict and trade-offs, but of cooperation for mutually supportive outcomes. Its key message is that biodiversity is a solution to help achieve water security. Its sections address: the importance of water; water and ecosystems; water and biodiversity management challenges; economic advantages of natural infrastructure; cooperation and partnerships; and recommendations for action by individuals and businesses. [IDB Website][IDB 2013 Messages][Publication: Natural Solutions for Water Security]