FAO Biotechnology Forum Discusses New GMOs for Developing Countries

FAO10 December 2012: During the 18th email conference of the Biotechnology Forum of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), participants discussed which genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are likely to be commercialized in developing countries over the next five years, and likely implications of these GMOs in developing countries.

The conference took place under the theme, "GMOs in the pipeline: looking to the next five years in the crop, forestry, livestock, aquaculture and agro-industry sectors in developing countries."

On the prospects for introducing new GMOs in developing countries, discussion addressed, among other issues: selection strategies for developing new GMOs; the quality of GMOs in the pipeline; the potential for GMO livestock and fish; GMOs for insect and pest control; and GMOs likely to be introduced in specific countries. Participants were asked to comment also on implications of introducing these GMOs for food security, socio-economic conditions, sustainable management of natural resources and adaptation to climate change in developing countries.

The moderated forum was open from 5 November-3 December 2012. A summary document will be made available on the FAO Biotechnology Forum website. [FAO Biotech Forum] [Background Note] [Compilation of messages posted during the conference]