FAO Launches “Save and Grow” Farming Model

13 June 2011: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) has launched a new initiative for sustainable crop production intensification, alongside a book outlining the approach, titled "Save and Grow."

The approach targets smallholders, drawing on low-till conservation agriculture that preserves soil structure and health, as well as precision irrigation and fertilization, and integrated pest management. These approaches can help farmers adapt to climate change by conserving limited resources, and reducing water and energy needs. The Save and Grow approach is better for biodiversity than business as usual, and recognizes that to feed the expected doubling of demand for food, further crop intensification is essential.

The book calls for policy makers to provide incentives to adopt the new model and to boost investment in agriculture that is knowledge-intensive and adapted to specific locations. [FAO Press Release] [Publication: Save and Grow]