ILC Annual Report Documents Success in Supporting Civil Society

ILC11 June 2013: In its 2012 Annual Report, the International Land Coalition (ILC) underscores the centrality of women's access to secure land rights and country-led development on land issues in meeting the ILC's goal of secure and equitable access to and control over land.

The report highlights successes of the ILC over the past year related to supporting collaborative national strategies. It also describes complex issues around land grabbing, women's land rights and land forums. The ILC presents its role as a knowledge broker related to: the land portal; the series on 'framing the debate;' and moving learning from theory to practice. The report outlines the composition of the coalition, including intergovernmental organizations and international, regional and national NGOs, and describes future goals related to securing rangeland tenure and increasing training on gender evaluation. [ILC 2012 Annual Report]