International Land Coalition Launches Initiative to Promote Innovation

March 2013: The International Land Coalition (ILC) has announced that it is accepting expressions of interest for projects piloting high impact innovations in securing and protecting land rights. Applications for the Facility in Support of Innovative and High Impact Targeted Interventions on the ground (FTI) are being encouraged from national and local civil society organizations (CSOs) from the global South. The FTI builds on experience from the ILC's Community Empowerment Facility (CEF), which supported 52 projects between 1999 and 2009.

The ILC expects to support 15-25 projects per year between 2013 and 2015 through the FTI mechanism. Interventions that result in improved access to land for clearly identified communities will be prioritized. Activities may include organizational, political, technical and legal support to communities to secure land rights, protect against forced evictions or to receive compensation for displacement. Other activities that provide assistance to beneficiaries of land reform programmes are also encouraged. Northern and international NGOs/CSOs may participate in cases where they have partnerships with southern, national or local CSOs. Interested CSOs can submit concept papers in English, French or Spanish, and most projects will be funded at less than $30,000. The call is open and applications may be submitted at any time. [FTI Application Guidelines]