International Land Coalition Synthesizes Issues on Indigenous Peoples’ Rights to Lands

ILCJuly 2013: Building on the goal of securing equitable access to land and resources for the rural poor, the International Land Coalition has published a synthesis paper, titled 'Indigenous Peoples' Rights to Lands, Territories and Resources.'

The paper outlines a collection of rights to territories and natural resources based on traditional occupation and use. It calls for collective rights to be acknowledged, and for the principles of free, prior and informed consent to be applied. The publication outlines regional differences in the issues that impact Indigenous Peoples between Africa, Asia, and Latin America, but also finds similarities in challenges related to: continued loss of lands; non implementation of legislation related to rights; and limited data and weak monitoring of access to land.

The paper also describes the particular challenges to indigenous women's rights. The review recommends that ILC: adopt a policy commitment that recognizes Indigenous Peoples' rights to land territories and resources; mainstream support within the ILC programmatic areas; and develop a targeted thematic initiative to support Indigenous Peoples' rights. [Publication: Indigenous Peoples' Rights to Lands, Territories and Resources]