IPBES Announces Timeline for Intersessional Process

June 2012: Following the establishment of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), participants agreed to an intersessional process to support both preparation for the first plenary meeting of the Platform, planned for early 2013, and development of the first IPBES work programme. The agreement came after the second session of the plenary meeting on an IPBES, held in Panama City, Panama, in April 2012.

According to the timeline distributed in May 2012 by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Executive Director to governments and other participants in the meeting: governments and other stakeholders are invited to submit by 16 August 2012, via email, comments and suggestions on those Rules of Procedures that remain to be determined or considered; nominations to the Bureau and Multidisciplinary Expert Panel (MEP) have to submitted by Members of the Platform by 30 September 2012; governments and other stakeholders should submit by 16 September 2012, via email, comments and suggestions on the draft "other" procedures prepared by the interim Secretariat to support the operations of the Platform; by 31 October 2012, a draft critical review of assessments will be made available for review to governments and other stakeholders; by 28 February 2013 a draft issues paper for an IPBES conceptual framework will be made available for review to governments and other stakeholders; and by 28 February 2013, options for a biogeographically-informed regional structure and composition of MEP will be made available online to governments and other stakeholders for review, and as an information document to the 1st plenary meeting of the Platform. [IPBES Press Release]