IUCN-China Seminar Discusses How to Communicate about Nature Conservation

26 December 2012: The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) China organized a round-table seminar on Nature Based Ecological Civilization Education and Communications. 

The seminar, held on 20 December 2012, brought together government, NGO and private sector representatives to share their experiences, challenges and priorities for communicating nature conservation and educating decision makers about nature. The round-table also addressed people's connection to nature and how to turn scientific findings into effective messages for decision makers and the public.

At the 2012 World Conservation Congress, IUCN promoted the concept of “Nature based solution,” which highlights the idea that nature is at the heart of solving the world's environmental issues. In the future, IUCN China intends to convene regular seminars on important nature conservation topics. [IUCN News]