OIE Launches Updated World Animal Health Information System

27 August 2012: The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has launched an updated and expanded version of the World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS), including a new section on wildlife disease notification. The new section allows members to enter complementary data on OIE-listed diseases of wild animal species, and to provide information on non-listed diseases.

WAHIS is an Internet-based system for the notification and surveillance of animal diseases, consisting of a global early warning system and a monitoring system.

Other improvements of the second version include: an option to identify affected wild species by taxonomic family and Latin names; and an integrated database on susceptible wild species by disease.

The improvements aim to support OIE country delegates in building capacity for animal disease notification, and provide the international community with an early warning system for animal diseases and improved knowledge of the worldwide animal health situation. [OIE Press Release]