Report Documents Growing Role of Aquaculture in Meeting Global Fish Demand

fao-worldbank-ifpri5 February 2014: A new report indicates that, with the rise in demand for fish and decline in wild capture fisheries, aquaculture is poised to deliver a greater proportion of global fish for consumption.

The 'Fish to 2030: Prospects for Fisheries and Aquaculture' report from the World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) and International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) documents projected trends in global fisheries over the coming decades. It underscores the importance of China and Asia in global fish consumption, with Asian countries expected to consume 70% of global fish by 2030.

The report describes the challenges of growing economies through sustainable fish production and underscores the threats posed by disease outbreaks and climate change-related impacts. The report applies the IMPACT Model to project future fish consumption under a variety of scenarios regarding global demand, and the impacts of climate change on fisheries. [World Bank Press Release]

[World Bank Overview] [Publication: Fish to 2030 Prospects for Fisheries and Aquaculture]