UN-HABITAT Supports Youth, Gender and Land Rights Workshop

UN-HABITAT8 July 2013: At the UN-HABITAT and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences workshop on 'Youth, Gender and Land Rights: Global Initiative and Local Actions,' held on 13 June 2013 in Oslo, Norway, global experts on land and tenure security reviewrf the knowledge base for gender inequality and youth dimensions of pro-poor land processes in Africa.

UN-HABITAT presented on the Global Land Tool Network, highlighting that no one tenure forum can provide security for all groups of a society. UN-HABITAT further stressed that existing technical solutions are often too expensive for developing countries to manage, but that workable land administration systems are needed now more than ever. Studies from longstanding work in Ethiopia described the challenges of diminishing livelihoods from ever smaller inherited land and few off-farm employment opportunities. The work further highlighted: holistic land approaches that consider both urban and rural issues; the need for rural employment opportunities; and the challenges of large migrations of youth to urban areas. [UN-HABITAT Press Release] [Norwegian University Workshop Homepage]