UN-Water Synthesizes Recommendations on a Post-2015 Global Goal for Water

un-water5 February 2014: UN-Water has released a paper, titled ‘A Post-2015 Global Goal for Water: Synthesis of Key Findings and Recommendations from UN-Water.' The publication discusses: a dedicated global goal for water; a water goal building on existing commitments; a proposed framework for a global goal for water; costs and benefits associated with a global goal for water; implementation of the proposed framework; and conclusions.

The framework outlined in the paper identifies “securing sustainable water for all” as a proposed overarching goal with five associated targets in short form: achieve universal access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene; improve by (x%) the sustainable use and development of water resources in all countries; all countries strengthen equitable, participatory and accountable water governance; reduce untreated wastewater by x%, nutrient pollution by y% and increase wastewater reuse by z%; and reduce morality by (x%) and economic loss by (y%) from natural and human-induced water-related disasters.

The paper then discusses each target, presenting their full form and identifying actions required to achieve the target, for instance for the target on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH): no open defecation; basic access; safely managed services; and to progressively eliminate inequalities in access. The paper finds that the costs of implementing a global water goal would be less than the expected benefits across numerous sectors including health, agriculture, energy, industry and others.

The paper notes the importance of creating an enabling environment through reforming institutions, building capacity, removing barriers to investment, collecting base-line data for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and maximizing synergies. The report concludes with UN-Water's call for a dedicated global water goal. [UN-Water Press Release] [Publication: A Post-2015 Global Goal for Water: Synthesis of Key Findings and Recommendations from UN-Water]