UNEP-WCMC Releases Ecosystem Service Site-Assessment Toolkit

Unep-WcmcOctober 2013: The UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), together with BirdLife International and 13 other institutions, has developed 'The Toolkit for Ecosystem Service Site-based Assessment (TESSA).' TESSA is intended to guide non-specialists through a selection of methods to identify site-specific ecosystem services and specifies "winners" and "losers" as a result of the change of ecosystem service availability.

According to UNEP-WCMC, TESSA covers five classes of ecosystem service: global climate regulation, water-related services, harvested wild goods, and cultivated goods and nature-based recreation. It may be expanded to additional services in the future. TESSA has been applied in over 15 sites in Asia, Africa, South America and the Pacific. [TESSA Toolkit] [UNEP-WCMC Website]