Working Group on CMS Future Shape Identifies Three Options

9 February 2011: The Intersessional Working Group (WG) on the Future Shape of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) met for a third and final time in Bonn, Germany, from 3-4 February 2011. The WG elaborated three options for the CMS' Future Shape, which will be submitted to the 10th Conference of the Parties (COP 10) to the CMS.

The Intersessional Process on the Future Shape of the CMS is based on Resolution 9.13 adopted at CMS COP 9, held in November 2008, and aims to explore possibilities for strengthening the contribution of the CMS and the CMS Family to the worldwide conservation, management and sustainable use of migratory species over their entire range.

The process included three phases: assessing the current operations of the CMS Family; developing options for organization and strategic activities that could improve current operations; and elaborating three options for the “Future Shape” of the CMS Family to be considered at CMS COP 10. The three options are: activities to be implemented that the WG considered essential; essential activities plus further desirable activities; and essential and desirable activities plus those that require institutional and legal changes, possibly following substantial negotiations. The WG will submit the options to COP 10, taking place in Bergen, Norway, from 20-25 November 2011.

Participants at the meeting also classified 40 priority activities in the three options, taking account of the ability of the CMS Family to improve the conservation status of species protected under the Convention. [CMS Press Release]