World Health Assembly Calls for Urgent Efforts on Drinking Water, Sanitation

WHO28 May 2013: The 66th meeting of the World Health Assembly adopted 24 resolutions and five decisions, including a resolution on drinking water, sanitation and health. Delegates recognized WHO's role regarding the development and monitoring of water and sanitation norms and targets, as well as the integration of water and sanitation into other health interventions.

In the resolution on drinking-water, sanitation and health (Item 18.I - Resolution WHA64.24), delegates underline the urgent need to take action to achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 7 target on sanitation in order to reduce in diarrhoeal diseases, including cholera. In addition, in the resolution, WHO strongly supports the UN Deputy Secretary-General's call to action on sanitation.

The 66th meeting of the World Health Assembly was held from 20-28 May 2013, in Geneva, Switzerland. Other resolutions and decisions address: disability; e-health; the Global Vaccine Action Plan; International Health Regulations; malaria; the Mental Health Action Plan: 2013-2020; neglected tropical diseases; noncommunicable diseases; eradication of poliomyelitis; avoidable blindness; and WHO reform. [WHO Press Release] [Report on Discussion on Drinking-water Sanitation and Health] [66th World Health Assembly Website]